Teach us about your business!
Every project done by cyberPAGE is an opportunity to learn. We are the professionals at what we do, but we are counting on you teaching us about your business and what has made you successful. Unlike other developers, we aren't going to sit down and dictate to you what is going to make you rich online. Our goal is to listen to your ideas and adapt a website to fulfill those needs, while still staying true to your business and what has allowed you to prosper in the past.
cyberPAGE delivers web development solutions.

Every project is different. Some clients have engineering teams in place, have thought out their strategy and would simply like a redesign of their site (or application interface). Others need a more complete solution and as part of cyberPAGE's innovative approach we lead you through a process to determine what is best for your company.. Typically these are the three primary steps:


  • Analysis of client goals/needs
  • Analysis of current branding/marketing efforts
  • Analysis of current online/offline efforts
  • Understanding internal department needs
  • Understanding various target audiences
  • Gauging short/mid/long-term objectives
  • Set strategic Objectives
  • Establish a plan


  • Design site architecture
  • Explore various design possibilities (look/feel, imagery, formatting, etc.)
  • Explore various site flow possibilities (content placement, interface construction, etc.)
  • Explore various navigation possibilities (architecture, interactivity, etc.)
  • Explore possible application development and interactivity
  • Review and refine


  • Design production (graphics, navigation)
  • Multimedia production (flash, audio/video, demos, etc.)
  • Content implementation (static or dynamic)
  • Application development and software implementation (ecommerce, forms, etc.)
  • Interactivity development and production (database integration, personalization, etc.)
  • Testing (various browsers, bandwidth environments, etc.)
  • Style Guide production
  • Delivery and maintenance